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Slaves' Beautiful Death Party

On March 12th, Slaves wrapped up their second U.S. tour for their newest album, Beautiful Death. Not only was this night full of excitement from Slaves themselves, but also for the supporting acts Kyle Lucas, Dayshell, and Ghost Town. This show was full of surprises and electrifying energy. The night could easily be compared to a crazy college party. Adding to the college party feel, the show doors opened three hours late keeping the fans anxious but nonetheless excited.

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First up was Kyle Lucas. Lucas is a Hip-Hop Alternative artist out of Marietta, Georgia. There was no doubt musically that he stuck out from the rest of this already diverse tour lineup. Although some, at first thought, may judge he was out of place performing with some rock bands, Lucas got the crowd hyped. The audience seemed to connect with him and his music very well. Lucas had the longest set performing most songs from his Almost Famous, Almost Broke album that launched back in 2016. Due to the fact doors opened late, the venue advised last minute that all the artists’ sets would have to be cut short.

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Following Lucas, was Dayshell. Dayshell is a Hard Rock, Post- Hardcore band out of Southern California. Dayshell has always had a strong fan base. They have a supportive following because of their stage presence and long-time touring. They did great live, hypnotizing the audience. It was evident that everyone enjoyed their set. The music was loud and savory, causing the crowd to jump up and down, singing along with every track. Sadly though, due to the fact all the sets were cut short, Dayshell had to leave the stage after only a few songs.


After Dayshell wrapped up their set, it was now time for Ghost Town. It was quite clear that a large majority of the crowd came for these guys. Ghost Town definitely added that extra punch to the night, making the feel of a wild party with their Electronic/Rock sound. Not one person was standing still for their whole set. Ghost Town came up and kept the crowd on their toes. It was almost like everyone was in unison—every single person was singing along word by word to all their songs. The crowd went up a notch for their final song “Creepy Girls” that has always been a fan favorite. Their set ended with vocalist Kevin Ghost (Vocals) stage diving into the crowd. These ghosts will definitely not be forgotten by anyone present at this wild show.

PC: @entertheseventh

Finally came Slaves to the stage--this was the band everyone was there to see. Not once was there a moment of silence. The room roared with excitement as Jonny Craig (Vocals), Colin Vieira (Bass), Weston Richmond (Guitar), and Felipe Sanchez, (Guitar) took the stage. As the guys played their set, the sold-out crowd pushed as hard as possible to get as close to the stage as they could, to reach out to Craig. Craig’s amazing vocals filled the room, along with the band’s beautiful riffs. As the night went on, Slaves played many of their old fan favorites, such as “My Soul Is Empty And Filled With White Girls” and “Burning Our Morals Away” as well as some of the band’s new tracks such as “The Pact” plus many more. For the most part, the night was an overall positive environment that was like a huge party. However, as the night went on, some unfortunate events took place backstage involving the supporting acts which lead to authorities crashing the party. Sadly, once the authorities came, they ordered the venue to stop the show, cutting off the 2nd half of Slave’s set leaving the crowd and band angry. Once the mic was cut off by the sound guy, madness broke loose inside the venue, causing the audience and band to chant to let them at least finish up performing their encore songs.

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Overall, this show was absolutely unforgettable. From the long wait for doors to open, to the crazy “college party” atmosphere. All the musicians put on a great show! AZ undeniably cannot wait to have Kyle Lucas, Dayshell, Ghost Town, and Slaves back in town for another night of mad fun!

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