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Dubé Rocking The Rebel Lounge

On the night of May 16th, Dubé stopped in Phoenix, AZ. These Canadian brothers rocked the Rebel Lounge. Bringing back some underground Alternative, Grunge and Indie vibes with the love from their very own hometown’s local scene out of Ottawa, Ontario.

Playing about a 45-minute set it was apparent they made it a point to make sure everyone in the room came together to have a great night. From talking to the audience, to lead guitarist Liam and bassist/vocalist Jan going out into the crowd to dance and mosh with fans throughout the set. This trio is no stranger to the stage with their past and know-how to connect and engage a community.

Getting the audience warmed up is one of the most crucial factors of an opener’s job especially for the co-headliner. Dubé delivered with this. They played a very eclectic, yet complementary set. Doing this, they showed the crowd that they are versatile with genre but can also standout with their own groove. Playing fan favorites such as “Pretty Girls on Bikes”, and “Alien” they got the energy ranked up for the rest of the night. Closing their set with their newest single “Stoned Love” with their perfect underground aesthetic music video premiering just over a month ago, Liam went crazy jumping up and down, rolling on the floor, and ending with the classic jump off the drum kick, as drummer Quin went all out shaking his head to the beat not being off tempo one minute. As the two brothers went crazy letting themselves get lost in the music, Jan stayed on top of the mic singing the melodies that one may think at first glance rather “odd” for the instrumentals, but these boys have their own Indie style that fits them perfectly. Some may say they are the next Red Hot Chili Peppers with their unique fusion of genres, and personalities on stage.

After Dube’s set, the boys went straight to their merch table, talking with fans the rest of the night and to join the crowd in supporting their fellow tour brothers in Counterfeit. Phoenix, Arizona will definitely remember this trio. From their stage presence and music, to their embracing rapport with the local community, there is no doubt many Phoenicians have found a new band to add to the top of their list.


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