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Shan Dan Horan: A New Era

The word ‘icon’ is overused in today’s society. However, this is one of the many words to describe Shan Dan Horan. Former President of Artery Records, Horan has had much experience in the industry as a whole. In November 2017, Dan was appointed the Label Manager of Outerloop Records. Although this is his most recent venture, this doesn’t even scratch the surface of what Horan has achieved thus far in his life. Being a flagstaff resident, his Arizona roots run deep. After graduating Tempe’s very own Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, he landed back in his hometown of Chicago where he interned with a post-production firm. Although he has a background in music, including his own band of Caecelia, he found that he enjoyed the business side of the industry more. After working with multiple record labels, Fearless, Century Media, just to name a few, Artery Recordings decided to bring Horan on in 2011. He quickly scaled the ranks and became president of the Sony Metal label in 2014. With his out of the box, unconventional thinking and ideas, he fit right in at Artery Recordings.

With his background growing up in Flagstaff, he was determined to break the stereotype that ‘nothing comes out of Flagstaff’. Horan wanted to make Flagstaff and Arizona alike proud. It's no question that he absolutely did. With his incredible story, brilliant mind, and good heart, he has inspired so many individuals to follow their dreams within the music industry.

With all of the various projects that Shan Dan Horan has been a part of in his formative years, there is something new, something never before heard of looming ahead. Something that is going to become your new obsession. Stay tuned June 5th, 2018.

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Twitter: @XShanDanX

Facebook: @shandanhoran

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