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Warped in Reverse 2018: War on Women

Warping back to Van's Warped Tour 2017 Series #1

Are you a fucking feminist?

The members of War on Women are! War on Women dominated Warped Tour 2017 on and off the stage.

War on Women is a feminist, hardcore punk band hailing from Baltimore, MD. In punk fashion, the group shook things up while performing at Warped Tour. War on Women tackles the topics in their music that many are afraid to.

Lead singer Shawna Potter came out swinging with her powerful voice. War on Women shattered societal norms and slayed the hearts of their audience.

Although you can’t catch them this summer on Warped Tour, War on Women will be playing a few shows this summer on the East Coast. You can also listen to the band’s latest album ‘Capture the Flag’, which is available now!

Get ready for Warped Tour with TPF! Stay tuned for more Warped in Reverse. And chin up, kid. Warped Tour kicks off its final cross-country run in 22 days!

Tour Press Force caught up with War on Women's Shawna Potter last year during Warped Tour read the article here!

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