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Warped In Reverse 2018: Attila

Warping back to Van's Warped Tour 2017 Series #2

Photo by Nahnalah_G

It was no surprise ATTILA aka the crazy party rock band was announced to be one of the headlining groups of The Van’s Warped Tour 2017 lineup. These warped “veterans” are no stranger to the summer music fest all of us know and love. Getting the anticipating crowd hyped and rowdy is what Attila does.

While these Atlanta, boys usually have games on stage to get the crowd involved in the performance and connect with everyone on a personal level, this past year they did something different. Instead of having a giant size beer pong game on stage for fans to play, they decided to perform the old-fashioned way. Somehow, Chris “Fronz” Fronzak (Vocals), Chris Linck (Guitar), and Kalan Blehm (Bass) still managed to keep the rowdy audience engaged.

Following the 2017 Warped Tour the band announced their withdrawal from Sharptone Records, which they were signed to in the summer of 2016. Frontman Fronz said they decided to become an independent band, so they could manage their own funds and have more freedom of choice on how they want to portray their content. Most people at first thought Attila were crazy, but those who know this band know they pulled a smart move considering all three of these boys are already successful entrepreneurs. So far, they have not lost fans or publicity which is great considering they made a big change.

Many fans are bummed that Attila will not be on the final cross country run of The Van’s Warped Tour. But fear not as RAGE FEST presented by SOUNDRINK is also coming up this summer! Catch your party boys in Attila, as well as Suicide Silence, and Volumes at a party near you soon.

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