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Warped In Reverse 2018: Sworn In

Warped in Reverse—warping back to Vans Warped Tour 2017. Series #4

Today we’re reversing it back to Sworn In. Sworn In was an expected favorite at Warped Tour 2017. There performance was only amplified due to the fact that the Tinley Park stop was the hometown show for the band.

Sworn In is very much keeping today’s metalcore alive. Tyler Dennen’s vocals are harsh in all the right ways. If you’ve never seen them, you definitely should.

If you missed their set at Warped Tour last year, don’t fret. The band will be playing shows this summer. The only show they have announced so far is in Wisconsin on June 29.

To hold you over until you can see them live, listen to their latest album All Smiles, which is available now.

Hold on to your Vans, Warped Tour starts in 15 days.

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