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Warped in Reverse 2018: Blessthefall

Warped in Reverse—warping back to Vans Warped Tour 2017! Series #6

Blessthefall is from none other than sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. They are no strangers to the dry heat that we encounter on Warped Tour every year since the birth of the tour. Blessthefall is made up of none other than Beau Bokan (Vocals), Jared Warth (Bass/Vocals), Elliot Gruenberg (Rhythm Guitar), Eric Lambert (Guitar), and Matt Traynor (Drums). They are known for their unique metalcore sound, along with their heavy interaction with the audience. On every tour, Bokan is no stranger to getting up close and personal with his fans. Even if its over 120 degrees outside.

Although Blessthefall will not be on the final run of Warped Tour, they are in no shortage of touring! Currently, they are touring all over Europe and enjoying the various cultures.

With the latest release of their sixth studio album, Hard Feelings, Blessthefall is taking the world by storm.

Check them out on social media!

Facebook: @blessthefall

Instagram: @blessthefall

Twitter: @blessthefall

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