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Warped Tour 2018 Overview

Photo by Nahnalah_G

After 24 years of good music and even better memories, the Vans Warped Tour begins its final full cross-country tour this week.


Photos by Kiya Gaskin


Warped Tour began in 1995, although it wasn’t just music. It included Skate competitions and even wrestling. The genres have changed quite significantly throughout the years. Bands such as Sublime, No Doubt, NOFX, Blink 182 and Reel Big Fish were some of the very first headliners, eventually evolving into Eminem and Katy Perry, and after that A Day to Remember and Bring Me the Horizon. The original genres of the Festival included Ska and Ska-Punk. Today the genres include anything from Hip-Hop to Metalcore and everything in between. Over the years, Warped Tour has traveled to many other countries such as Australia, Japan, and Europe.

None of this would have been possible without Kevin Lyman. Kevin Lyman is the founder of Warped Tour, 4Fini Inc.(A Live Production Company), Watcha! Tour, and many more notable tours. His goal and mission was to help bring people from all around the music industry together. Warped Tour is something very close to his heart; with this tour he hoped to turn kids on to live music.

The final Warped Tour lineup will be one for the history books. The diverse lineup includes long-time Warped Tour veterans as well as fresh faces. The tour has throwback bands like Simple Plan, Taking Back Sunday, and Sum 41. Newcomers Story Untold, Movements, and Makeout will also be heading out on the tour.

At each date, several local bands have the opportunity to take the stage. Here in Arizona, locals Sundressed and After the Calm will be playing at the Phoenix date. Local band Doll Skin will be on Warped Tour all summer long.


Photos by Mickey Johnson


Warped Tour would not be Warped Tour without its charities or sponsors. Various non-profit organizations play a major role in Warped Tour. Organizations such as Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, truth, STAPAW, Keep A Breast, Peta2, and many more. Warped Tour is offering various package deals for money donated for a good cause. Prizes include the chance to win bundles, backstage passes, and even a ticket to the actual show itself.

Of course sponsors Journeys, Vans, and Monster will be present on the tour’s last run. But the tour will also be joined by TEI, VICELAND, Topgolf, and Gold Coast. Along with these sponsors, major alternative record labels like Fearless Records and Hopeless Records have sponsored the tour.


Photos by Nahnalah_G


The final Vans Warped Tour kicks off on June 21 in Pomona, California. TPF will be on the ground at a few dates including Phoenix and Tinley Park. Join us for one more summer of heat and loud music. It’s sad to see Warped Tour come to close, but it’s been a hell of a ride.

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