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Who We Are

Mission Statement:

We endeavor to offer guidance and opportunities to help aspiring young adults interested in the music industry to experience and develop various supportive-role skills (i.e. journalism, photography, public relations) in a cohesive, supportive, environment that encourages self-confidence, team work and pro-activity.

About Us
How We
What You'll See Here

Tour Press Force

Andres (19) - Journalist and Photographer

Kiya (18) - Journalist and Photographer

Nahnalah (17) - Photographer and Videographer

Izzy (16) - Journalist


Our Founders

Monica Demattei 

Nahnalah Guerrero

Matthew Demattei

Tour Press Force is here to give you new opportunities. If you are young, talented, and want to get a start towards a career in the music industry, look for us to help you get there.


We know how tough it can be to get started. You want to get great shots of those artists on stage, but can’t get that press pass or a great spot from which to shoot at a venue. You work on getting that shot and perfecting it, and all you get in return are a few likes on your Instagram. Your Facebook or your personal blog are a great place to write your album reviews, but how are you going to get out there if the only people reading what you write are on your friend’s list?


We can give you that edge, that Force, you need. We will get you out there. If you are willing to do the work, we will put it where others will see it.  Work with us a little, to see if what we can do will work for you. Then work with us a lot, and see how Tour Press Force can be your springboard towards the career of your choice in the music industry.

What you see is what you put into it. This site is one place where we will showcase your work.


The next person who sees that picture or article of yours may be the one to give you that career you have been looking for. They need to be able to SEE you. They need to be able to READ you.


You will see your efforts here, with Tour Press Force.

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