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RVLS—Flashback to the Emo is Back Tour

Tour Press Force interviews Kalie Wolfe, vocalist for RVLS, a fast-growing alternative/pop band out of Los Angeles, CA, during the Emo is Back tour.

PC: nahnalah_g - Mesa, AZ

TPF: What direction are you hoping to take the band in?

RVLS – Kalie Wolfe: Our new record blows Haunted/Hunted out of the water. We love that record but this new one is really the sound we've been wanting. We really went for a Bring Me The Horizon meets 30 Seconds to Mars and it's insane.

We really want to spend the next year touring off this record and aiming for the best we can be.

TPF: Who's your musical/emotional inspiration?

RVLS – Kalie Wolfe:

Bring Me The Horizon

30 Seconds to Mars

We like Fall Out Boy a lot as well.

TPF: What brought all of you together as a group?

RVLS – Kalie Wolfe: Music and the chance to do something we all really, really love!

RVLS - Haunted/Hunted YouTube Video by Simon Green and Adam Mulligan

TPF: Is this for the long run, what helps motivate you/keep you going?

RVLS – Kalie Wolfe: Yes, for the long run, we all love music so much that it's hard to see ourselves doing anything else. Now that we're touring, we'd have to go with seeing fans that we've talked to online and getting to see them sing our words back to us. It's extremely rewarding and makes so happy to be doing this.

TPF: What have a few rough points been for your band?

RVLS – Kalie Wolfe: I'd have to say going from a local to touring. Getting everyone tour ready, buying a van, getting the trailer etc. it was probably when we argued the most. But obviously it's been really rewarding, and these tours have been some of the best times of our lives so far.

PC: nahnalah_g -  Mesa, AZ

TPF: What do you want your listeners to know about your album? Is there a background story? Tell us about it.

RVLS – Kalie Wolfe: Haunted / Hunted as a whole album is just about us progressing as a band and our push forward. Each song has a lot to do with the path it has taken to get there.

  1. “Haunted/Hunted” is about fighting the demons in you and choosing to make the right choices.

  2. “The Open Road” is about me proving to my family that I can do this and that I have the ability to make it to the top.

  3. “Pyramid” is about my doubt in myself.

  4. “This Water Seems Shallow” is about the people who I grew up with who told me I couldn't do it.

  5. “Nails” is telling everyone that we built this and you can't tear what we've built down.

  6. “Paper Trails” is about a guy, lol!

Order Haunted/Hunted on Itunes here:

TPF: We noticed you posted a GoFundMe campaign to finance your album. Was this campaign successful? Would you recommend this tactic to other Indie bands?

RVLS – Kalie Wolfe: It was! We raised what we needed to finish our record, which is being mixed and mastered right now as we're on tour. So thank you so much to every person who donated! We can't wait to release this new record.


Instagram: @wearervls

Twitter: @WeAreRVLS

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