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Cuervo – AZ Pop Punk

Arizona’s Pop Punk scene just got a little larger. Cuervo is a Scottsdale-based Pop Punk band. The trio is comprised of vocalist and bassist Jacob Murphy, vocalist and guitarist Nathan Wolin, and drummer Zac Wolin. While the boys are young – their ages ranging from 16 to 17 – they carry themselves in a way that would lead audiences to believe otherwise.

Photo by Kiya Gaskin | iOS Video Edit by Nahnalah_G

Cuervo – Jacob Murphy, Zac Wolin, and Nathan Wolin.

For the last few years, the boys have shared the same musical stomping-ground, and they credit this for the inception of their band.

“We’ve all been playing together at the School of Rock for a couple of years,” said Nathan Wolin. “That’s how we came together.”

While Cuervo formed in February of this year, the band has only been playing with their current line-up for two months. However, the members of Cuervo have been playing music individually for quite some time.

“I have been playing bass for six years,” Murphy said.

Jacob Murphy on Bass - Joe's Grotto 9/4

Jacob Murphy on Bass – Photo by Kelly Holland

“I have been playing guitar for almost seven and a half years now,” Nathan Wolin explained. “But I really got serious about playing it about three years ago.”

Nathan Wolin on Guitar - Joe's Grotto 9/4

Nathan Wolin on Guitar – Photo by Kelly Holland

“I have been playing drums for a little shy of three years now,” Zac Wolin added.

Zac Wolin on Drums - Joe's Grotto 9/4

Zac Wolin on Drums – Photos by Kelly Holland

The path into music is often sparked by a person or event in someone’s life. The band shared what made them pursue music.

“Primarily my dad actually,” Murphy said. “My dad was always playing music. He was a young person during the grunge movement, so I was always influenced by rock music because that was what I heard growing up.”

The Wolin brothers also cited their parents as the reason they got involved in music.

“I was also sort of influenced by my dad because he is a guitar player, so when I was young I just thought, ‘Okay, cool. I want to play guitar, too,’” Nathan said. “So I asked for a guitar for my eighth or ninth birthday.”

“Growing up, my mom got me hooked on Green Day,” Zac stated. “So for four years, I was listening to Tre Cool’s drumming and I thought it was the coolest thing from fourth to seventh grade. That’s what really inspired me to start playing. So in eighth grade, I started taking drum lessons.”

YouTube | Cuervo – Quiet (Smashing Pumpkins) cover – Video by Diane Wolin

Although music is a crucial part of their lives, not all the boys see music as a potential career path.

“I can’t see myself doing anything other than music in my future,” Jacob said. “It’s really the only thing I’ve ever done.”

“I don’t really plan on pursing music as a career, but it is something I want to keep as hobby for the rest of my life,” Nathan explained.

“Likewise to Nathan, I want to keep playing music for the rest of my life; however, I don’t think I’m going to make a career out of it,” Zac said.

YouTube | Cuervo – Honey Bucket (Melvins) cover – Video by Diane Wolin

Even though this may not be a forever thing, Cuervo is definitely a local band to watch out for. Keep up with the band by liking them on Facebook at

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