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An End to the "Barbecue Band" Reckless Serenade

Warped in Reverse

Episode #17

Interview by Cosmic-A (Monica Demattei) | Transcription by Tyler Peckham

Reckless Serenade has roots in Upstate New York, where the five men went to high school together. In 2012, Cory Brent on vocals, Mark Neidhardt on guitar, Matt Ruggiero on drums, Rob Crews on guitar, and Will Prinzi on bass, joined together to form the Pop Punk Indie band. Our founder Monica caught up with the band after their Vans Warped Tour set last summer.

This is Monica with Tour Press Force and you guys are…

Reckless Serenade- Mark and Cory.

M: I play guitar.

C: And I sing with my voice.

Who does the writing?

The both of us and the other dudes in the band.

Can you tell us about your sound?

Terrible…no just kidding, a lot of people compare us to My Chemical Romance or Taking Back Sunday. Basically what we try and do is combine as many genres and styles as we can. We don’t want any of our songs to sound the same. We’re always trying to keep it fresh, keep one song different to the next.

So how has the tour been for you so far?

It’s been great. We’ve been meeting a lot of fans that we haven’t had the chance to meet before, and we’ve been making a lot of new fans…Everyone who is coming here wants to listen to music, they want to find new bands, so it’s very easy to find kids to talk to. That has been the coolest thing about this tour, so many kids are eager to find new music.

How did you get invited on tour?

I think Kevin Lyman had heard about our barbecuing because we usually take a grill out with us on our own tours, and I guess they needed a barbecue band for this year so he gave us a call.

So what’s up after the tour?

We’re going to keep writing. We just finished one EP, but we’re going to keep the ball rolling to get a full length together. And sooner, we’re actually going to be releasing a music video at the very end of this month for a song called, “With Friends Like These,” off our new EP Strange Soul.

Reckless Serenade has disbanded since last summer’s Warped Tour, finishing off their final tour in early April. Vocalist Mark and guitarist Rob have since formed a new band, Moonwalker, and will be playing shows throughout the summer.

YouTube | Pretty Monster – Reckless Serenade

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Facebook: @RecklessSerenadeBand , @MoonwalkerBand

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