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Y&T – Blistering, Yet Soulful Guitar Licks

From the opening chords of “From The Moon” ringing out over the crowd gathered on Saturday night April 8, 2017, you could feel the excitement building. From longtime fans for over 40 years, to the new generation who had been introduced by their parents, Y&T took the stage at LIVEWIRE in Scottsdale, AZ and took control.

Dave Meniketti (lead guitar, vocals), John Nymann (rhythm guitar, vocals), Aaron Leigh (bass, vocals) and Mike Vanderhule (drums, vocals) have travelled the world blending blistering, yet soulful, guitar licks along with harmonious vocals along the lines of The Beatles 4-part harmonies.

Playing well loved favorites such as “Open Fire”, “Black Tiger”, “Dirty Girl”, “Midnight In Tokyo” mixed in with some newer songs such as “Shine On” as well as their most familiar song “Summertime Girls” showcased their diverse catalog.

There was a poignant moment in the show before the band played the song “Winds Of Change” when Frontman Dave Meniketti acknowledged the recent death of former rhythm guitarist Joey Alves who passed away a few weeks ago, along with former drummer Leonard Haze who passed away 6 months prior and their late great bass player Phil Kennemore who had passed away in January 2011, which has made him the last remaining member of the band since it’s incarnation in 1974. As someone who has been one of those longtime fans (34 years and counting!), this had to be one of the best performances that I have seen in a long time. It was like Meniketti was playing with a new energy, like he has faced his mortality and was playing with a renewed fire that is matched by people that share his vision and passion for the music being played. Love, loss, passion, and loyalty have all been themes throughout their over 40-year catalog of music and they have no sign of stopping anytime soon. It was a gift to bear witness to the magic generated that night.

YouTube | Mean Streak – Y&T

Color of Chaos - Photo by Tara J Harley

The band Color of Chaos opened up for Y&T that night and they had more than held up their own against these veteran stalwarts. Steve Carlson (vocals, rhythm guitar), Lance Eric (bass, vocals), Steve Favela (guitar, vocals) and Danny Ott (drums, vocals) are proving to be a formidable force to be reckoned with having opened for several major tours that have come through Phoenix. Their debut CD Hollywood was released in 2015. The song, “Movin’ On” has gotten some radio airplay nationally and was a perfect match with Y&T as they also have great harmonies with blistering guitar chords. Massive credit to Favela who played guitar that night with an injured wrist that turned out to be broken. Standout track was a cover of “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival that is sadly relevant during these times.

The crowd at LIVEWIRE in Scottsdale, Arizona got their faces melted that night, only the hot, summer sun was a rival. Go see Y&T when they come to your town as they are touring the USA now, you will not regret it!

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